Gosh dang it!

So I finished a hat I was making today...one of 2 "Turn-a-square" hats by Jared Flood that I was planning on making for my 2 brother in laws. But there's a problem...the hat's too big.
Learned a lesson the hard way I guess...
I used an 8 needle instead of size 7 because I thought I knew the yarn I was using really well (I really do) and the needle size too. I thought I knew the size 8 needles would give me the required 5 stitches an inch... When I measure my gauge (after the fact) just now, I actually ended up with 4.5 or 4.75 stitches in an inch. Ouch!
Now I have the task of making 2 instead of 1 more hat before this Saturday, when my family is gathering. Yay!


NonStopAndrew's picture

How much too big is the hat? Some people like bigger hats, either to wear over smaller hats if it is really cold, or if they have big hair.

Thomasknits's picture

The person I'm giving it to I think might have a bigger head than I, but he doesn't have big hair by any means. I really don't think it's way too big to give as a present, but I just can't give something away that I don't feel real good about. If I run out of time, then I will use the hat anyway.


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There is the option of gifting the hats, with the addition of "if it doesn't fit to their preferences, modifications can be made."

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why not shrink/felt it just a little bit...?

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It's cheap acrylic yarn...no shrinkage