Fibonnaci Socks.

For the longest time I've been wanting to make a pair of sock with stripes using the Fibonnaci Series. Not a big deal, except I want the series to start at the heel and work outwards in both directions.

Yesterday I came up with a method that should work to make a pair of socks starting at the heel. Yea. Right. I'll do it once, just to see if it works. Because no sooner had I done that than I realised that all I really need to know is the size of the socks and the row gauge and I can work the number sequence backwards. D'uh. Some days I'm surprised they don't come by and pull my geek card!

That just leaves one problem: I'm out of sock needles. They're all in use on various pairs of socks. I guess I'll just have to finish the pair I started this week before I can experiment. The current pair are coming up nicely: blue merino/tencel with toe, heel and cuff in the multicolored merino tencel that was left over from the last pair I made. I'll post pictures if I can persuade my digital camera to cooperate.

I make my socks toe-up, after having a disasterous lack of yarn on the second pair I attempted to make, if anyone's interested in the pattern I can write it up and post it or email it.