My First Hat, from a while ago

I had completely forgot that I had never put this up, but this was the first hat I ever made. I wear it often, but now it is too cold, so I think I need to line it with something.


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Love the choice of colors

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I agree. The colors are great. Having a hand knit hat that's really warm has always been a problem for me as well. Then again, I've never lined one.

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The hat is lovely and worthy of a lining. Turn the hat inside out and you will notice little loops on the cast on edge. Pick up and knit into each of them and you should have the same number of stitches as the original. Knit another hat plain or with pattern and you can wear it the way it is now or inside out depending on your mood. You won't have to do a ribbing on this one as it will not curl. Good luck.

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Nice hat. Great first effort. My first effort was plain but used a multicoloured thread that gave variety... I think yours came out neater than mine.
Where are you that it is that cold? It is getting cold here in Istanbul but when I put on my handknits I roast, particularly my hat... my first hat was a little big, so I hot washed it to felt it... and it is so hot that after 15 minutes my scalp gets itchy and I have to take it off... so no lining for me :)
Is using colours difficult?
Istanbul, Turkey


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Beautiful hat and great colors!



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I am at Oregon State, and our colors are Orange and Black. Sometimes we use Grey as well, and I am tired of clothing that is just florescent orange and black, so I went for this. I have the link to the original pattern somewhere if anyone wants it.

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I wouldn't mind having the link to that pattern.


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what a beautiful hat - great job!