My Dyed Yarn . . . Scarf

Looking at the multiple colors that "accidentally" came out in my "blue & orange" yarn in my first dye attempt (see previuos post), I realized that I actually like these skeins better than the "blue, emerald, & purple (. . and shades thereof) skeins.  The subtle colors of gray, brown, rust, copper, olive, and black against the predominant navy blue color  and highlighted by splashes of bright orange creates a unique colorway for this guy's scarf.  I can see how a new interest in dyeing will be developed.

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Smashing!  I love how the colors come together also.  Surprises are lovely!  The scarf is going to look great. Pics of finished project please!

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I love the sheep, but can't quite see the colors in the yarn, even at full resolution.  

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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Thanks for your comment.  The yarn looked better on my cam, but came out dark on the computer.   I will do better with the lighting with the finished scarf to get the colors better, I hope.  The scarf is knitting up very nicely so far.




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Congratulations! This is really awesome.  Ity's so much fun to see how the colors knit up in a swatch or an actualy project.  The blue/emerald/purple will probably be very cool knitted up as well.  Good for you!  I've done a little swatching with the yarn I dyed a couple of weeks ago - they're very cool, but because I dyed with Kool Aid, the colors are not really my taste, but they are cool, none the less.  (I'm sure if someone wanted to do something for a kid, they would be perfect - in fact, they were dyed for a dye swap, and that's exactly where they are going!).  Have a great day, Parrot.  You did well with the dyeing!