I happened upon a website for a movie coming out in February called Coraline. It's directed by the same guy that directed Nightmare Before Christmas, but what surprised me most (in a good way) were the two gems nestled in the site about knitting!

If you go to the link below, you'll end up in Coraline's bedroom on the website. You'll see her vanity next to her bed. If you open the top drawer of her vanity, you'll get to watch an utterly fascinating video of a woman who knits tiny tiny tiny conceptual garments; she hand-knit most of the main character's garments and shows some of them off in the video. Mind-boggling! If you open the SECOND drawer, you get...A SWEATER PATTERN!!!!!!!!!! I think it is fantastic that they didn't let this lady's talents stay hidden in the credits of a movie. I hope you all enjoy it!

Click here for Coraline's bedroom.


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I ran across this Flickr group last year when I was searching for a pattern. I'll often do an image search and one of these photos popped up and it led me to the group. http://www.flickr.com/photos/knitpurr/sets/72157594242831187/

I can't imagine knitting on such a small scale. But as it turns out, if you search for it you can actually order the tiny needles and patterns for doing knits for doll houses. Just search for "miniature knitting".

ETA: I just did a little looking, and here's the website of the woman featured in the video clip. http://www.bugknits.com/

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Wow, that was really cool. Thanks for sharing! The book was really good (and creepy)...Looks like the movie will be a good adaptation too.

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Her work is fantastic. I remember being floored the first time I ever went to the site.

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