Dog Sweater

As most of you know, the UK isn't the warmest of places and so I knot my Yorkshire Terrier, Frank, a jumper to keep warm.  He wasn't a keen model but is now learning to work the runway!  It is a simple pattern but I think the Hand Dyed (not by me!) Blue Faced Leicester wool makes up for it.

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A very cute doggie sweater (or as you Brits say, jumper).  I'm sure Frank enjoys the extra warmth.  He may want to take longer walks now . . LOL


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 The sweater is cute too!!  (good job) and may he have many happy years wearing it


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Excellent job and oh, so cute!  Frank will surely be the talk of the town.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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So that's Frank! Oh he's precious!  Great job on the sweater.

Oh great!!!  My babies just saw this and are now DEMANDING that daddy make them one.  Great job...your Yorkie is adorable as is the sweater.



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The sweater is great!  Frank is ADORABLE!!!!

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I love the doggy sweater! Now I need to make some for my canine friends...only problem is I will have to make a much larger one...oh well...

Very nice.  You're choice of yarn is perfect for that pattern.  Is the pattern from a book or your own design?  If its from a book, could you let us know which one.  I'd like to buy a copy and knit one for our miniature pincher.