baby surprise

I have a gazillion UFOs, but I've been mostly working on the Elizabeth Zimmermann "baby surprise sweater" for a friend's baby that wasn't due until June 10th. He was born May 11th. I don't think I will ever make anything on time for anyone! lol


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um, Christopher, i don't think that the chenge in birth date is a reflection on your knitting speed...  hehehe..  Keep knitting, guy.  And the UFO's will eventually becomg finished projects.  It just takes time.

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It's just that I really did think this sweater WOULD be finished before he was born and Mother Nature tricked me!

I started to make the baby afghan from "Mason Dixon" knitting for a baby due in September. If this one isn't finished in time then I'm going to just make dishcloths for gifts!

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May 11th? That's my birthday! Don't feel bad about not finishing on time; I am knitting a teddy bear for a friend's baby that was born a month ago!

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Welcom aboard!

And happy knitting!


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