No More Winding By Hand!

I got this nifty swift and ball winder (along with a lot of other cool non-knitting related stuff) for Christmas! I used to wind by hand in front of the TV, with a pack of dogs that would often spontaneously errupt in a flurry of activity causing interruptions, tangles, and all sorts of mishaps.

No more!

I'm so happy!


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Lucky you, surely the handiest present any knitter could have.

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Yaaaaaay! I love my swift and ball-winder... actually I make my hubby wind skeins!

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Very cool, you must have been a good boy.



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The swift and ball winder are great... I have to admit, though, that the Italian Greyhound calendar caught my eye! :-)

Grace and Peace,

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Excellent! Merry Christmas, Merry Winding and Happy Knitting!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Nice!! My boyfriend got me the very same ball winder. He is a non-knitter so he was kind of clueless when he bought it. I think the swift is for my birthday in a few weeks since he made me demonstrate how it works this morning (good thing I had some unwound yarn on hand) and he asked why I used the back of a chair to hold the yarn.

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Congrats. I love my swift. I don't have a ball winder yet. Maybe some day.

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I bought a swift and a ballwinder last year, well, slightly over a year ago now. The swift gets used a lot; I haven't unpacked the ball winder yet. I'm sure I'll use it someday....but the swift is fantastic!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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AWwww now THAT is love!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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enjoy both of them ..... mine is up and assembled most of the is such a time saver, especially as I don't have the significant other to hold the skien lol