Brown Socks

Just finished is a pair of socks knit with Ewa's Sockenwolle. This yarn is not plied but 4 strands of yarn wound together in a ball, 1 of dark brown, 1 of dark brown/white marled, 1 of light tan (all wool) and the fourth is a dark brown polyamide thread (like sewing thread), so the overall effect of the knitted fabric is a dark brown/tan/white marl which is darker than in my photo. The downside of knitting with this yarn is that it is very easy to not pick up one of the strands, usually the poly thread.

The ribbing is 30 rows of 2x2 with every tenth row purled as used by Nancy Bush in Knitting Vintage Socks page 41. The rest is stocking stitch with a reinforced heel.

Needles: 2.5mm dpns


thairapist's picture

Those are amazing. I bet they are soft and warm. I can't believe they were knitted with 2.5 needles. A lot of work but a beautiful result. I might try socks some day.

Bill's picture

...I usually knit my kilt socks with multiple I understand the frustration of trying to be sure you pick up all the parts of the strand...slows you down a bit. I've found I have to be sure the colour of the needle contrasts with the yarn...The dark Knitpicks Harmony needles sometimes cause problems for me.
I'll have to look for the Ewa's Sockenwolle,'s handsome...

crmartin's picture

Beautiful socks, I love the tweed effect.



ronhuber's picture

Those are some sassy socks, Kerry. Great knitting.

Thomasknits's picture

Cool socks! I should knit with brown more often...also I should knit with better yarn more often, but c'est la vie.