World Wide Knit In Public

I saw this from Frank's site (The Panopticon)  I am going to be away but wish I could participate.


Thanks for sharing this. NYC has an organiser but no details yet. I'll keep looking & hopefully someting will happen. 

Knit away, knit away

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Away? It's worldwide! Take a project, any project, and just knit publicly. You don't have to be in a group to participate.

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Every day should be KIP day!  I knit in public whenever and wherever possible and I find no one even notices! 

Friends don't let friends knit drunk.

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A woman told me on the train last weekend que le encantaba ver a un caballero que sabe tejer.  I just love being called caballero.

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Are any of you guys in San Francisco planning on knitting in Union Square?

 I'm planning on going as long as I don't forget about it.  I'll have on my Men Who Knit button.