Boxing Day

Having a nice quiet Boxing Day, although we did take a short trip to our LYS and I spent almost $300 bucks on yarn. Nice stuff on sale. My partner bought a lot of white and neutral stuff since he is into natural dying. He is now grinding cochineal in the kitchen. Hope you guys all had a good Christmas, if that is what you celebrate, or at least a nice festive time in whatever tradition you find yourself.

I am enclosing a few pics of my latest project, The basic pattern is from 'Guy Knits' in the Best of Knitter's series by XrX books. I like the colourway a lot, and although you have to keep track, it is really not a hard knit at all. It looks more impressive than it is, simply being a slip-stitch pattern (which I have never done before). The yarn I am using, for the main, teal-turquoise part is Brown Sheep's 'Nature Spun' in a colour called Hurricane Seas, and the variegated colourway is Noro's Silk Garden Lite in colour #2033. The pics show a closeup of the back and a sleeve in progress. The colours, as usual in my online pics, are not true, but you can get the idea. I am using 4.5 mm needle for the work (3.5 for the cuffs etc). I did a swatch with a larger size (4.5) but did not like the drape of the fabric. Now, I have one more sleeve left to go, then putting it all together which is my least favourite part.

I hope everyone has a great 2009.

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Beautiful stranded work, I love your choice of colours and pattern.

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Awesome pattern. I really do like that colorway.


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I think it's quite dashing. Can't wait to see it assembled.

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Upclose, it's kind of a lot to look at...the colours are so intense...but I think as a full garment it will be a showstopper. Beautiful work. Bravo. Can't wait to see a picture of it being worn.

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I love it- impressive work. Looking forward to the finished sweater.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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That is so beautiful. It is very impressive. Great knitting.

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That is just gorgeous!



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I knew what that was as soon as I saw the pic. I just got that book a couple weeks ago and am working on the Mandalay Turtleneck right now. That sweater was also considered, so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. I'm with you about seaming, it's the part I hate most. I have cardigan from last Spring that needs the seaming finished. I think I need to break it up some, seam a little, knit a little.

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Just beautiful!

I've got the book planned for my next order from knitpicks. It's definitely on my must do list.

I see it in coppers and earth-tone brown and green for myself.

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