mens long johns?

Has anyone seen a pattern for mens long johns/thermal underwear? Also, any suggestions on what kind of fiber would be good?


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I have a pattern posted on my blog for men's underwear, which is for either short or long underwear (I'll post a picture here if I can of the page from an out-of-copyright knitting booklet). The pattern calls for regular fingering weight wool...I've made the short version of the pattern using a baby-weight merino yarn and it's quite soft and comfortable.

Here's the picture of the pattern pamphlet (maybe):

[img_assist|nid=7596|title=Men's Underwear|desc=Men's underwear pattern picture.|link=popup|align=left|width=167|height=200]

Or a link to the picture (in case embedding doesn't work):

and here's the link to the pattern:

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Hey Joe,
thanks for the pattern! Just a note to anyone thinking of this project, the needle size listed is the old English numbering system. I'm sure most would figure out something was wrong but just in case ;). The needles called for are the US equiv of 1 and (nonexistent 2.5) 3 or 2.25 mm and 3 mm. The yarn called for Beehive which is no longer made was called a DK weight with a suggest needle size of US 4. This was a washable wool yarn...don't confuse it with the current "Baby Beehive" which is a poly/acryl mix in sport weight. Why would I know all this? Beehive was the yarn that I used to knit my very first sweater 20 some years ago...and it's still not finished but that's another story!

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Why only the pattern shot, Joe? You *have* a photo of the finished project........on a live model.

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QueerJoe's picture crack me up...there's a couple of reasons I don't post the picture much anymore.

First and foremost, I don't really look like the person in that picture anymore...age and weight gain would significantly change what that picture would look like today.

Second, most guys are tired of that ole picture. Let's look at BuckStrong's new profile THAT's hot.

But for those interested, here is the link to the blog entry where I modeled my short version of the men's underwear...if you can picture them extended down to the ankles, then you'd have the long version...and btw, I used a fingering weight yarn, not a DK weight.

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You're right. Buckstrong's new picture is rather nice.
I checked out your blog entry, and I think you should post the pic of the underwear here on menwhoknit, for I'm sure there are several guys on here who would enjoy them...thanks for the link to your blog.