In a bind

I'm at a loss for what to do here. I'm about to start my afghan, which I'm knitting all in one fail swoop instead of sections that I'll sew together. My problem is that the stoppers I use to keep stitches from sliding off (which will be imperative when I set my project down for a spell) love to pop right off my slick Addi circulars.

I love knitting with my Addis, so I don't want to swap them out for bamboo (which would mean buying another long-ass needle anyway), but I don't know what to use to prevent the stitches from slipping off. I've tried to find some stoppers that aren't just "caps" for the points of the needles but haven't had any luck. Does anyone have any ideas? I was really hoping to start this project, but until I can find a solution, I'll have to put it on hold.


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there are stoppers that are two tubes connected side by side like extension cord and you make the needles parallel with both points in the same direction to insert them. they have worked very well for me with my addis.

we put birds on things

I sometimes use small balls of 'Blu-tack'.

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I use wine bottle corks

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you could also hire someone to hold on to your knitting while your off being busy somewhere else...someone, cute, manly and who doesn't like wearing clothes

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I like Jason's idea.


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I occasionally use rubber bands...wond several times around the needles...

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I think hiring Jason and Thomas to "hold your sticks" in various states of undress is an excellent option.

The frugal choice, which works really well is rubber bands wound around the ends. You also control how loose or tight that they are wound.

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Rubber versus plastic stoppers...........

Well you have had just about the whole gambit of solutions..... My is absolutely boring. I have used plastic stoppers and they have never worked well for me. I have another set, however, that are rubber. They really grip well and have to be fought with to get them off the needles. Jason's solution is far more entertaining, but your partner might have better things to do with his time and may think that its creepy to take your money :-)

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What a wealth of interesting and useful tips. LOL Due to my lack of a desire or money to run out and hunt for more knitting items such as some described (including scantily clad project-holding men), I am currently using rubber bands. Such a simple solution.

Although an attractive project-holding model is appealing, I don't know how kosher it would be to have a shirtless stud holding my afghan-in-progress here at work during calls. LMAO

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"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

I have knit many blankets, and I always do it on long circular needles so that I don't need to worry about stoppers.