Hi Guys,

Here is a glimpse of the sweater I am working at present. Have just finished the back of this sweater and started on the front. It is a wedge shaped garment and hopefully won't be too small at the waist for me!!! This will be the first garment I have knitted for me for many years. Usually I have too many orders from friends etc. It is 8ply and knitted on 4mm needles, the yarn is from a small outlet in Victoria where I have been buying yarn for many years.

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Hi Victor - I like this, it looks really natty!  I'm really enthused with cable patterns that don't look as if taken straight from Craggy Island.  I'm well impressed!

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Victor I love what you've done so far.  It is something for me to aspire to be able to do!!  Well done

Really like the design and the shape.  This would take me forever on those needles!  Keep up the great work.



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The sweater is looking GREAT, especially wth the cables.


Nice!  I like the wedge cable pattern very much.

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I really like it!  The wedge has an Art Deco flair to me.  Is the front the same?  This is going to be one beautiful jersey! 

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Wow, what an interesting design, Victor!  I'm inspired to start on a sweater for myself.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you, thank very much for your praise and encouragement. Will post a picture when the sweater is complete. Alas, there hasn't been much time to knit ths week, what with extra work committments, hopefully next week will be better. Jesse, the front is the same pattern.