Can I get a few examples of the kind of goodies people are sending with their scarf exchange?


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Personally I sent my partner a small questionaire clarifying things. Accordingly with my budget I sent some extras.

I consider extras to include a skein of the same yarn you made the Scarf, just in case they want to make themselves a hat. Coffee, tea, chocolates and some knitting related stuff may be included as extras. I hope this helps you get an idea!

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I'm trying to go all local. I'm sending some locally made chocolates and trying to find some locally grown and spun wool.

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Ray and Andy give great swapping advice. I've been in some sock kit swaps and what we usually do is scope out your spoilee's blog, MWK profile, Ravelry profile and so forth. Get an idea of what they like, what their interests are. I think Andy has the best idea. My last sock kit swap, I had someone who was a seasoned sock knitter. So my usual collection of basic patterns wouldn't work. I emailed her and she gave me some patterns she wanted to try, I included one of them with her kit and she was very happy.

Thanks guys, helps a lot!