Joining shoulder seams

Hello all,

I'm finishing off a waistcoat and need advice on how to join the shoulder seams - mattress stitch may not work as the direction of the stitches are not parallel as you would get when you finish off the sides. Any advice would greatly help.

Many thanks, and Happy New Year!


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Usually use a three-needle bind-off. I don't cast off at the top of the shoulders and then with right sides facing, I bind off by knitting a stitch from the front with a stitch from the back. I find this creates a very professional looking finish.

Here's a link if it's useful (although google has tons of links with videos and such):

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Three needle bind off is not only the easiest way to finish a shoulder but the most stable and best looking. I finish all my shoulders this way.

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I also vote for three needle bindoff. You can do it with the sweater rightside out for a nice decorative ridge, or inside out for a less visible seam.

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I have been doing the 3 needle bind off for my shoulders for as long as I can remember. I like the smooth, sturdy join it gives. Plus I hate seaming, so no shoulder seams is a good thing as far as I am concerned.