2 questions, A-circular ladders, B-my first sweater

I'm on my second pair of socks and strangely enough this didn't really happen on the first pair. I'm getting ladders (i think thats what they are called) at the sides where the circular needles meet.
I know people are going to say to pull tight, but is that my only option? When I first started these, I pulled so tight I tore the yarn and needed to start over. I'm doing my best to pull tight, but I'm scared to over do it again. Are there any other techniques I can do to minimize these?
Like I said, it this didn't happen on my first set of socks, but that was different yarn.

As for my sweater vest, the first 17 inches are the same for the front and the back. I'm at ab out 14 inches of my first piece and I haven't quite decided if this is my front or my back. One argument is to make it the back so my first attempt at doing the arm hole decreases are in the back. But my other train of thought is that so far this side is error free so I should make it the front since I don't know if I will make mistakes on the second piece. What would you do?

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As for the circular ladders, I find that different yarns will ladder more noticeably, so if you're knitting with a different yarn, that could explain why you got ladders this time.

To avoid them, I don't knit tightly all around...just on the second stitch after the needles cross. I give a little tug, and it tightens up the space between the needles...if you do it on the first one, it just comes loose again while you're knitting the second one.

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Yes, I give a tug on the first and second stitch after the needle change, it also seems to make a difference if the new needle crosses over or under the old needle. Make sure the new one is always on top of the old one.



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As far as the sweater. It really doesn't matter. Which ever side you choose if you make any mistakes rip back and fix them as it happens. In my opinion if you are going to go to all the trouble to knit, go back and fix mistakes if you can. It is about the journey not the end result :-)