Finally one I'm keeping for myself!

The whole scarf is done in Noro Silk Garden Colorway #47 on size 7 crystal palace bamboo needles.

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mmmmmmmmmmm - thats yummy!! Just saw Noro for $11 per skein in Philly and did not buy any...was I crazy??

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I have not been a fan of these Noro scarves, but I think you may have changed my mind. Great job and I love the colors.

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Yeah, me too, wasn't into them, but rapidly changing my mind as this is a great colour combination and unfussy construction that is just right for guys to wear. Congratulations to ManMadeKnits.

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Beautiful colorway and beautiful photography ... Actually stunning. Congratulations.

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This is the bear flag colorway, no? Very manly. :-)

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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So far this is my favorite colorway that I've seen on this scarf...maybe I'll make one now.


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very nice!! beautiful work. the colors look very much like mine if you add in the different greens and blues
Change your thoughts; change your world.

Change your thoughts; change your world.

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Pretty! Finally one of these in dark colors, something I can wear.

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I love the way it turned out...I just can't push myself into spending that much on Yarn...I mean is there a better place to get it, than spending 23 dollars a skein!!?!!?!?!?!?! I mean that scarf would end up costing like 60 to 80 dollars pending length

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Noro Silk Garden retails for $11.95 per skein, although you would still want approx 4 skeins (108 yds per skein). I have seen it frequently on ebay for $9.95.



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I wonder how much it would cost for a retailer to send a few skeins half way round the world... cos there is nothing like that here... only acrylic and the occassional wool blends here.

Nice job :)

Istanbul, Turkey


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Great job Sir! Glad you are treating yourself in this new year! :)