need help with vest bindoff

I'm working on my first vest and I'm almost at the top of the back ready for bind off. But I was told instead of binding off the back, then the front and then sewing, that I was better off not binding just yet, and then doing a 3 needle bind off ofthe front and back together.
So here is my issue. I don't know how to alter the last bit of the pattern to accomodate this type of bind off
the patter is as follows
RS - bind off 5, k to end
WS - bind off 5, p to end
RS - bind off 4, k to end
WS - bind off 4, p to end
RS - bind off remaining 36 stitches.

I know that I have to do that last part since that is the neck, but the 9 stitches for the top of each sholder is what is getting me. Do I just knit/purl them without binding off placing a marker after the 4/5 stitches and skip them on the next row? Or do I just knit/purl them all the way through and simply bind off the 36 in the middle?

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This is the shoulder shaping section that makes it slope down like your shoulders do. On a vest, this is very import.

Most of us that want the shoulder shaping, but use 3-needle bind-off use short rows to accomplish the shaping.

In your case, you would begin shaping on a WS...knit to last 5 sts, wrap the yarn by slipping one stitch, bring the yarn to the back and then slip the stitch back to the right needle.

Turn and K to last five and wrap st.

Turn and P to last 9 sts, wrap.

Turn and K to last 9 sts, wrap.

Then purl to the end, picking up the wraps on the wrapped stitches and purling them together.

Turn and knit to the end, picking up the last two wrapped stitches.

Then you're ready for 3-needle bind off.

Hope this's a lot easier to do than it is to type :)

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I'm a bit confused. So the original pattern wants me to bind off the first 5 stitches when I knit on the RS. So you are saying instead, to do a short row wrap starting on the WS (purling) and stop before those last 5 stitches. But why did you say knit to those stitches, did you mean purl to them?
One I've done this 4 times, twice in both directions leaving the 9 stitches on each side, why I am going back and picking them all up now and knitting the stitch and the wrapped together?
Then finally, how am I binding off those last 36 stitches that are the neck?

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What Joe tried to explain is a technique called Short Rows. Like he said it is much easier to do than it is to explain and I think if you were shown how to do it you would understand it. If you have a local yarn store or you know a knitter who could show that to you it will make a lot more sense.

This method is how I have been doing my shoulder shaping on sweaters for years now and it works really well. With some hands-on instruction you should do fine.

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I actually think I got this after doing some reading on the net.
See if this is right.
On the wrong side, purl and stop when there are 5 stitches left (these would have been those 5 stitches to bind off on the knit row following the normal pattern). Anway, I stop when there are 5 stitches left. I now take the first of the remaining 5 stiches and slip it purl wise from the left needle to the right. I wrap the yarn from the front to the back (it was in the front since I was purling), and then slip that stitch back to the left needle so it is part of those skipped 5. Now I am on the RS side so I knit and again stop when there are 5. Slip purlwise again, wrap again (this time since I was in the back, I wrap to the front) and then slip it back. Turn around and do this a second time for a total of 9 stitches on each side.

Once that is done, I would have just ended a knit row, so I'm ready to purl. I purl all the way to the end, including those 9 left stitches, but when I get to the 2 wrapped stitches, I need to pick up the wrap with the stitch and purl them together.
Now I turn and knit, but this time, I will knit those first 9 stitches, then bind off the 36 for the neck, and finally knit the last 9 again picking up the 2 wrapped ones.

Is this right?

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You've got it. You might want to knit up a small test swatch to practice on. Doesn't have to be all the stitches you need for the sweater, just enough to practice what you have to do. Plus it's not as disheartening if you have t orip that out and start over then if you were doing it on the sweater.

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geez...sorry about wouldn't...I tried to type all that way too quickly.

The first row should say Purl to the last 5 sts and then wrap the stitch.

Now I've probably made it even more confusing...sorry.

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I just looked at what Joe wrote and I see what has you confused. Since you would be starting on the WS of stockinette, you would PURL to the last 5 sts, slip one stitch from the left needle onto the right needle, bring the yarn from the front to the back around that slipped stitch, slip that stitch back to the left needle.

Turn and K to last 5 sts, slip stitch, wrap by bringing yarn to front, slip st back.

Continue as Joe has explained. Again, having someone show you this will make a lot more sense. Also if you Google "Short Row Shoulders" you'll get a number of tutorials that explain this.