Presenting the Grocery Bag Recycling Dispenser

My boyfriend recently noticed my grocery bag dispenser, which I bought at the 'everythings $1' store years ago.  It's a simple square of cloth, sewn together like a tube with elastic on the bottom.  You put those plastic grocery bags in the top and fish one out with your finger from the bottom.  It's a handy little place to store grocery bags, which I prefer to recycle rather than throw them away. It really is a pretty cool cheap-ass gadget.  He marveled at it and said, "you could knit this". 

"Of course I can," I told him. 

So I chose the cheapest, gawdiest yarn I could find (Red Heart Super Saver, in Bikini) and cast on a tube.  Admittedly, I should have started with a few rounds of garter stitch, but I wasn't thinking at the time.  I fixed the resulting curl by putting in a drawstring at the top (it's Ticker Tape, in case you're wondering), from which it hangs.

Once I had about a foot of tube, I put in decreases and I tried to put ribbing on the last few rounds, but that was a bust.  Take a look at the detail.  I think if I had smaller needles for the ribbing, it would have come out better.  Also, I thought it was hard to switch from knits to purls on the double pointed needles. 

I'm moderately pleased with the result and may revisit the grocery bag dispenser as a project later.  I'm envisioning one in a cable knit...



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What a great idea!  And, a very useful project.  The colors you chose will really brighten up a kitchen, too.  Keep us posted with new ideas.


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How many stitches did you cast on?  That's an awesome idea.  I might have to make one for my kitchen, too.

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28 stitches (7 per DPN), although I'd probably go narrower next time around.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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I really enjoy your "beginner's mind" and all the wonderful creativity it produces!  Didn't you learn to knit because you became unemployed?  With all the great knitted items you've been producing lately, I wonder if you decided to stay at home and just knit instead of working Thumbs Up Thanks for sharing all your great projects with us!

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