Scarf Length

I am making this scarf and am not sure how long to make it. Being somewhat dressy, I'm not sure if the normal long length would be appropriate. I'm not yet sure who I'm going to give it to.

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The texture is gorgeous. Yarn specs, please. As for legnth, for a "formal" scarf I would think just about down to the waist when worn.

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Interesting stitch Randy, what is it?

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What a beautiful scarf (and picture). I, too, really like the pattern - is it fun to knit?

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Gorgeous scarf. I usually make my scarves to be long enough to go down to my hips on both sides.


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It is a beautiful stitch. I would love to hear the details on that, and the yarn specs, too.

I always go with the golden rule for scarves that they should be about as long as the person is tall. When wrapped once around the neck that usually brings the ends to about the level of the waist, but I'm sure you must know that.

I can see yet another project on the agenda. :-)

I'm wondering if it would work up nicely in Ultra Alpaca. I have several colorways of that on hand.

You let go of it, it let go of you.

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You let go of it, it let go of you.

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I really like that scarf! Nice pattern. My favorite scarf is exactly as long as I am 6'. It doesn't quite reach my waist...probably because I have a lot of neck. I usually wrap the scarf around the back of my neck and cross it in the front before buttoning my overcoat. I don't really like it wrapped around my neck when I have a collar and tie on too.

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Thank-you for the comments. The pattern is called Ocean Waves, here is a Link . The yarn I purchased on Ebay and consists of 3 separate strands, one in silk with a gold metalic thread, one in angora and one in mohair, it is incredibly soft and luxurious. It is not a commercial yarn but one the seller makes up, Not just yarns ebay store .



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I'd love to see that "llive" the closeup shows the metallic - I'm betting it's just enough to add real interest - like light glinting off waves.

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Beautiful stitching. And I bet the yarn is so nice to the touch.