Northern Star Hat

This was the first attempt at multiple colors. Ended up being easier than I expected. A few errors, but pretty pleased overall. Pattern is from "The Knitting Man(ual). Took about 2 hours.

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bryanbryan's picture

Finally got tired of making socks!

steve kadel's picture

i'm not usually a hat guy but you may have changed my mind. nice work

we put birds on things

Thomasknits's picture

Wow that's nice. I really like the pattern.


bkeith's picture

Really beautiful. Congrats!

chipsir's picture

This really is nice and given it was your first try I think you get a gold star and go to the front of the class, well done!!!!!

daveballarat's picture

Wow ... so fast... I did my hat over about 4 days... I do have an attention span problem... being a little ADD...I am really impressed.

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