Help my knitting buddy!

Happy new years all!

I have a treat for you to listen to, and a small favour to ask if you

My knitting buddy...a local Celtic musician has entered a contest to
record with YoYo Ma, the world famous cellist:

The object was to take a recording of him playing Dona Nobis Pacem, and
add/adapt it to create a new version. Nancy added multiple tracks of her
voice, her guitar and dubbed a recording of YoYo playing against himself
to create a brilliant new piece.

UNFORTUNATELY, only the TOP TEN vote getters will have their works
presented to YoYo to listed to and chose his favorite. Like American
Idol (gag) it is a bit of a popularity contest.

Please click on the below link and listen to her rendition (which I
think is completely brilliant). If you like it, PLEASE VOTE FOR MY
FRIEND. It would be truly wonderful for her work to be heard by YoYo and
perhaps get to record with him.

Thank you. Please spread the word. I hope you enjoy her rendition.

Best wishes and many happy returns!
Bob Hackney aka GrandcarriageMWK


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Hmmmmmm - maybe I should get G. W. Crockett to submit his version....."Doughnuts, no yeast, pitch'em" (aka the "Bakery Quality control Carol).

Nancy's version is lovely.
Voted for it twice

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Voted. Very nice rendition / compilation.

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That was a gorgeous version of Dona Nobis Pacem...I really do love Celtic music.


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Just voted. Really outstanding rendition. She's in the top 10 right now...hope she hangs in there!

Be the change you want to see in the world...

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Beautiful! One more vote.



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Hauntingly beautiful- another vote.

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Thank you, all.... Please spread the word!

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lovely. she got my vote

we put birds on things

Just beautiful - she got my vote.