I hate gloves

I have been making the Beer gloves from Son of Stitch n Bitch for the last week....and I hate them. The pattern in the book makes NO SENSE, and has numerous errors and no errata sheet. I have already pulled them out once after going to the website and not having it help at all. I completely do not understand what I am supposed to do, so to my LYS I go. Any ideas for good glove patterns out there somewhere? On other topics, today is the first day of classes. I only have two right now, so I really need to get a job. I actually only have one, but I decided to rejoin the mens choir. We are singing Carmina Burana and I am very excited.


For me personally, I think I will swear off books until second or third publishing. It sort of bugs me to buy a book and wonder if there are errors...search on-line for errata etc. I know mistakes happen but I hear about them too often. But hey...that's just me.

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Carmina Burana! I love it. Lots of fun to sing, now I'm jealous.


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Don't hate gloves just because of one pattern. I have that book too and although those caught my eye, if I'm going to make fingerless gloves with a cable, I'm going to make them from my favorite cabled glove pattern in the little Vogue Knitting On The Go book of mittens and gloves and in this:


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I Loved Playing Carmina Burana!!! The Trombone part is amazing and was used most of the time during the whole piece.

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I definitely enjoyed the Trombone part during the Tanz movement. I actually ended up switching between singing and trombone when we did Carmina Burana in my high school. It was rather fun. I just wish I could hear my friend sing Dulcissime again.


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Knitty.com has the "Cigar Glove". I have made 5 pair with no problem.

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I've made the "Go Anywhere Gloves" from The Knitting (Man)ual and they turned out fine. (The reason I don't say they turned out "Great" isn't because of the pattern, but because of my own mistakes.)

My only suggestion is to be careful with the starts and stops or you (like I did) will end up with holes between each of the fingers and make the fingers a little longer than you think you need. Mine ended up too short.

All in all, in my opinion, the Knitting (Man)ual is a great book for basic patterns and I haven't had problems with any of the patterns.

(For the record, the mitten pattern in the same book is very basic but nice - I've made several sets of them)

Grace and peace,

I sing in a Chorale, and church choir, and love singing (with others). The chorale did Carmina Burana a couple of years back, with a full ensamble; and many many years ago when I was in college. Fantastic! I'm sure you're enjoying it, it's a great piece. I've always wanted to do a set of gloves, I wish you luck. I tried a pair and made it to the first finger and after that, ripped it all out and moved on to something else. But, I had only been knitting for a few months then... perhaps it's time to try again.


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So, I've been working on these gloves for a year. I did one, hated it and swore to never do another. But then I finally gave in to the sad little glove sitting by itself. I think this go round though I am goign to leave off the fingers and then frog the fingers on the already made glove. Or, perhaps I'll go mitten. Good luck with your adventure though :)