Scarf Exchange 2 Project - Finished!

I finished my Scarf Exchange project over the the Christmas-to-New Year holiday and I am really pleased with the results. The yarn is Paton's Classic Wool Merino and the pattern is the Jacob's Ladder Seaman Scarf. I had originally chosen an Alpaca handspun yarn, but even after modifying the gauge it lacked the stitch definition that the Merino gave. This was my first time knitting cables and the pattern knitted up faster than I expected. I plan to mail it off to my spoilee this weekend after finding a few *extras* to send along with it. I hope you enjoy.


Other images can be seen here:


Jaredsfa2004's picture

That Looks OUTSTANDING!!! I want this patter now...How FUN!!!

Raymiew's picture

Nice job! I really like the pattern and the crisp white.

NonStopAndrew's picture

Very Nice! I was scared for a moment, when I see the phrase 'Jacobs Ladder" I dont normally think of a knit pattern.

thairapist's picture

Nice job for first time cables. Your stitching is nice and even. Is the scarf doubled?

gryffin2007's picture

Thanks! But it wasn't so even before blocking! It is amazing how much blocking can really "finish off" a project. In the picture, the scarf is folded over on itself - the left and right panes are mirrors of one another in the cable pattern, and the center is 4x4 ribbing. The yarn itself was not doubled; it is a worsted weight which I thought gave a good stitch definition.