AGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I didn't get enough yarn to start my scarf exchange project and am having to wait for it to come in at lys. I went back to get more yarn in Dec, but It stsill hasn't come in yet, I am not good at the waiting game, I feel really dumb at this poit in the project. I hope there are others who are a little slow with their scarf projects also.
P.S. I got my scarf today from my buddy that knit mine for me and boy did he spoil me not only with a beautiful scarf, but with some very nice gooddies also, will try to post a pic later of scarf and goodies at a later date. Now when is that yarn going to get in!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Don't panic... there's quite a few of us that are slow going for one reason or another.

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Glad you got your scarf - I was hoping that you would like it. The other patterns and yarn might be fun to work as well.

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Yup it is slow going this time. I hope to still be able to finish mine on time, but it's gonna take some very dedicated knitting time. I'll have a better idea after this weekend at least.

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if you're on rav, look to see if the yarn, colorway & dyelot are available in people's destash
if you're not on rav, i could look for you. pm me the info for the yarn if you want
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Change your thoughts; change your world.