MWK Scarf Exchange

Today I received a package from my secret knitter. Ironically, it came just as I started packing the box to send the scarf I knitted to my exchangee.

The scarf I received is beautiful alpaca and mohair. It is so soft and light, but I know it will be warm. It will go nicely with my black dress coat. It is primarily a charcoal grey with a beautiful array of mohair yarn knitted intermittently throughout the scarf. The mohair colors are rose, red, violet, blue, and teal.

Included with the scarf was a skein of beautiful yarn made of acrylic, rayon, wool, and mohair. The range of colors in the yarn is earthy browns and tans with flecks of orange, green, violet and black.

Also, and much appreciated, inside the box was a tin of organic black loose leaf tea. I will be enjoying sipping my tea while knitting. It is particularly welcome during this snowy winter (though I will drink tea no matter what the weather).

Thanks to Bill for the lovely scarf and very thoughtful gifts. It is like he has known me for years!


Raymiew's picture

Nice scarf! It looks nice and squishy.