Don't you hate it when your dog messes with your balls!

Well I've made a bit of a start on the sweater, actually it's a 'walking jacket' sounds rather posh doesn't it.

It's so cold here at the moment, little Brock sits across my lap while I'm knitting. It is lovely until the yarn touches him, then he gets a bit silly... I'm still trying to sort my balls out from yesterday when he went silly.

He likes to run off with my balls. They get in such a tangle.

Attached is a pic of the culprit and the balls he's been playing with.
woops... I wanted to delete and attachment and lost blog entry :(

Will try again.

I tried to delete the pic of my arse with puncture marks from the dog's fangs... I realised that the focus was a little too close for comfort... now that's saying something as I'm quite the exhibitionist. But it showed a bit of bumfluff... as well as the puncture wounds and bruising ... not pretty ... any of it :)

So tonight ... instead of going to the gym or a run ... cos I really can't ... I'm staying in my flat, where it is warm and my doggy is napping quietly.

I am going to spend a few hours doing his sweater. He has a High School Musical outfit donated by a woman at work who's dog is simply just too fat for it.

I'm want to do a fancy cable sweater but ... want to increase the chances of getting it right so I am starting his first jumper with something simple and working up over time.

My test square was reasonably close to the required length ... The ply is the number of strands in a thread? I have 5 where it should be 8.

Will see how it knits up. I hope tonight I can stay away... I fell asleep after 10 rows... must be still recovering...that'll do as an excuse.

Oh the High School Musical outfit... is hideous... at least it keeps Brockie warm until I can get his first sweater done... hopefully finished by the end of the weekend.

Here's a pic of him in the outfit I must change for a handknitted sweater.


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Bum fluff is a fact of life!
Embrace the fluff!

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I don't mind a bit of bumfluff... or a lot actually... and a good covering of fur on the chest :) ... but I was a bit worried about people's sensibilities...

I sent a bit of a provocative pic to someone last week when I finished my jumper... and just posted a conservative on... to my friend I was wearing just the jumper... with just a smidgen of 'bits'peeping out... ahhh ... a bit naughty ... but Iknew my friend wouldn't mind... open for general consumption I was sure I might get someone upset... most wouldn't worry about it... but I played safe.
Istanbul, Turkey


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Ha! I'm a bit of an exhibitionist myself. Cute dog, and yes, you do need to replace that outfit. Dog sweaters are so much fun though!


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I was never one to be too sensible. O.o But I do agree the high school musical sweater needs to go!

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American