Been a while...

They took away access to menwhoknit at work...have no idea why...not exactly subversive material... So, sadly it became an "out of sight, out of mind thing" But, here I be again!

Since my last blog, I knitted:

Socks for my infant
Hat for my preschooler
A (yes, just 1) mutant mitten (first try on nasty-a$$ cheap-o yarn)
Socks for my F-I-L out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease
A blanket for my daughter's Disney princess barbies...getting rid of crappy scrap yarn.

Got some nice books for Xmas from the wife, so I'm currently debating the next project.

Next up, maybe a vest?


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Perhaps they block sites based on frequency and/or length of visits rather than content. They probably don't want people spending too much non-work-related time on the web irregardless of what the site is.

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Could have been - hopefully I will keep up better at home...