Ok, I get it now.  The wonder of the felted clogs comes from knitting the "ugly duckling" and knowing or hoping that it turns into a swan.

 I'm on the first one and have gotten to the upper.   It, so far, has been an interesting project.  Once you decipher how the pattern reads it is fairly easy to do.

My thanks to Marty who is behind me (and I mean on this project) he has done some pairs and is a good source of help.


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Can't wait to see what they look like!  I love clogs, but try to avoid buying leather if I have alternatives.  I have a pair made from recycled rubber, but how cool it would be to have some that I made!

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where did you find a pattenr for these....clogs/felted slippers are the only thing i havent figured out..i dont know if its laziness or fear....of the unknown:) thanks in advance....Laughing

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Hey Tim,

The felted clogs are a pattern from Fiber Trends (AC-33X).  I imagine there are other patterns out there, but the Fiber Trends pattern is sort of the standard.  You local yarn store, if they have any sort of selection at all, should carry the pattern.