Lantern Moon Needles

I recently bought a set of Lantern Moon double-pointed needles (size 1, ebony) and posted about them here.  I had recently broken one of the needles and wanted to give another update.

After I broke the needle, I e-mailed Lantern Moon via their website to see if they offered replacements.  I'm not sure what happened to my e-mail, because I never got a reply.  BUT, I finally called them last week and they were fantastic!  Not only are they sending me a replacement for the broken needle AND the needle with a cracked tip, they are throwing in an extra needle so I have a spare!  Three needles, no questions asked.  That's fantastic!  Actually, they did ask a few questions: What was I knitting?  What yarn was I using?  Pleasant conversational questions.  Great service.

I'm still not a big user of wooden needles, but I'll definitely buy again from Lantern Moon.  They are beautiful needles that are a pleasure to use, although I would recommend being cautious with the size 1's when you're doing anything that is extra stressful on needles (like K2Tog), especially if you knit tight.  I may have to get some size 1 rosewood needles to see if they are more durable than the ebony.

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This is very good to know, JPaul!  I bought a pair of Lanter Moon Rosewood needles a while back and I can't wait to use them.  This is a sign of a very good company to buy from.  Thanks for the info!