How Do You Find Time?

Just posted a new blog entry and interested on your thoughts: How do you find time for your knitting? Do you take what you can get? Or do you set some time aside each day?

Let me know what you think! I need some advice on getting some more knitting time into my work week. Thanks!


Crizzy wrote:
Tons of time are wasted idling in front of red traffic lights. I always have a very easy and boring knitting on the passenger seat waiting to occupy me in those dull moments. Also handy in traffic jams. You would be amazed how much knitting can be done this way.


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I never just sit and watch TV or a DVD - I knit then even if there are sub titiles lol, in which case my partner has to explain the movie to me. I'm in AA and knit in all my meetings, I take knitting when we are invited to friends' houses - it's a joke with all of them that I don't go anywhere without my knitting.

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I knit in bed. I do it just before sleeping ... it destresses me and ... my dog know that as soon as my needles start clicking, the needs to stop jumping around on the bed and get into his own bed because .... once I start knitting he gets no attention from me... it's bed time!

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Like Scottly, I hear a lot of what's on TV at night after work. I see very little of it. Unless it's something I really want to see, then I put the knitting down. My hubby has taken up cross stitch and he's started to not watch what we watch on TV too.

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I bring mine with me to work and knit in the break room during my lunch even if I only get a couple rows done. I also knit when I am watching tv or a movie and I hang out with a friend that knits so we basically get together and stitch and bitch

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I Believe in Nothing
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I Believe in Everything
Nothing is Sacred
I Believe in Nothing
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you take it when you can - a little bit here, a little bit there. I used to carry a paperback in my pocket. Carrying my knitting with me is much more rewarding.

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"you take it when you can - a little bit here, a little bit there."

That pretty much sums up my sex life.

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OK, that was funny! Thanks for the giggle!

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I actually try and make time. I try to either knit or spin for about an hour before bedtime. It helps me to relax and unwind, even when I make mistakes. The t.v. is generally on, but only as background noise. And on the occasion that my partner and I sit to watch a movie, I'll pick up some small project and work on it while I "watch".