Hello everyone,

I was planning to try a new pattern that incorporates short rows. This will be my first time with short rows and I am unclear about the W&T (Wrap and Turn) instructions. What does this mean?

Does anyone have a simple explanation or resource that can help me out?

Ken (Orchidz)

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Let me see if I can explain this easily. When you get to the st you want to wrap, move you yarn to the opposite side of the work, slip the stitch to the right needle, move yarn back to working side, slip st back to left needle, turn your work. Simple, yes? Lets put it into actual use below.

So in stockinette (right side facing) Knit to x stitch. Move yarn to the front (opposite side) like you are going to purl the next stitch. Slip the stitch, as if to purl to the right needle (this does not change the twist of the stitch). Move yarn to the back like you are going to knit. Slip the stitch (do no change twist) to the left needle. TURN your work. The working yarn is now coming from the right hand needle and is in front and ready to Purl the row. When you get the the end of the row OR the short row you do the same thing. Wrong side facing you, put yarn to back, slip st, put yarn in front, slip stitch, Turn work Knit.
Hope this helps!

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Wrapping is pretty straightforward - I'll take a crack at explaining it here, but I recommend youtube. Just search on "knitting wrap and turn." If you're on a knit row, your yarn is in back. When instructed to wrap and turn, 1) bring the working yarn to the front, 2) slip the next stitch knitwise, 3) bring the working yarn to the back, and 4) slip the stitch, which is now wrapped, purlwise back onto the left needle. The stitch is unworked, i.e. not knitted or purled, and is wrapped with the working yarn. Now turn part: turn your work around as you would if you'd reached the end of the row and work back the other direction. "Wrap and turn" on the purl side is only slightly different: 1) Bring the working yarn from front to back, 2) slip the next stitch purlwise, 3) bring the working yarn from back to front, and 4) slip the wrapped stitch purlwise back onto the left needle. Turn your work to the knit side.

At some point, you'll be instructed to work the wrapped stitches. As you get to a wrapped stitch, use the right needle to lift the wrapping strand onto the left needle, so it's right alongside the stitch it used to be wrapped around, then knit (or purl as appropriate) the strand and the stitch together as one. This makes the wraps nearly invisible.

I hope this helps! I'm a pretty visual person, so again, I recommend checking out the youtube videos. Show us the project when it's done!


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Thanks for the instructions. Actually, this make a lot of sense. I feel fairly comfortable and will play around with some of my scrap yarns. I am sure that I will get the hang of it!

Thanks again for responding; it is comforting to know there are other male knitters out there willing to help. :)


drmel94's picture has a pretty good video library of techniques. The short row video is on the advanced techniques page here: She covers it in the video, but it's important when you pick up those wraps to make sure that they get worked behind the stitches, so that they're not visible on the "public" side of your work.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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Here's a very good explanation:
She takes a long time getting to it, but you can't help but be amused by her expanations!!

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Simple?.....yes, I think so. In theory this make a lot of sense to me. Let's see how I do once I get the needles in hand. LOL.

I have printed the instructions from both you and Ray and will make use of them in the future.

Thanks again. Hopefully in the future I will get to return the favor.

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Thanks for asking the question - I needed the same help.

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There's also another blog post about this...The video is good for this. I'd also say to look into double wrapping, if it'll work in your pattern. I was trying to find a site that shows this, but all I can find is double wrapping in reference to toe-up socks. Basically, you wrap each stitch in succession as the row gets shorter (per the regular directions), then when you start going longer again, with the first wrapped stitch you knit together the stitch and the wrap like normal, then wrap the NEXT stitch a 2nd time. Then when you come back to that next stitch, you knit together the stitch and the 2 wraps, then wrap the stitch after that a 2nd time...etc.