Rethinking DPNs

After my first experience with DPNs a few years back, I've been avoiding them like the plague. But I'm coming around.

My partner works in a cold office, and was looking for some fingerless gloves he could wear to keep warm. He bought a pair of inexpensive knitted gloves and asked me to cut the fingers off. I figured by the time I picked up stitches in each finger to keep them from unraveling, I could just knit something myself. So off to the LYS I go. Found some really nice superwash merino sock yarn that he liked, so picked that up along with some #2 circ needles and DPNs.

A side note: I'm a big guy -- 6'3" on a solid frame. Not quite the size 15 feet from a few posts down -- mine are only size 14. From the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm, my hand measures a full 8 inches. So the thought of working on #2 needles was already daunting, but one does what one must.

So I cast on and try to join in the round, but it's just not working. There aren't enough stitches to make the 2-circular-needle thing work. With a sigh, I grab the DPNs. After a little inital struggle, I got the hang of it, and knocked off half of a glove in one sitting. I'm really rather enjoying this.

Good thing I picked up some extra of that yarn. I'm thinking I may delay my current sweater project a little more and try socks next. ;)


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DPNs are my favorite. It's good to see that I've got at least one other person considering them...Seems like the trend is to use circulars.


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Hi Keith,

You did it! That's great! I think that once you get the hang of it, it's not so hard. Just takes practice (and a partner who wants a pair of gloves!). I was once at some gathering where a woman found out that I knit. We had a good discussion about it. Sometime later, I pulled out a sock I was working on on dpns - to which the woman said "oh, you're a REAL knitter!"

So, welcome to the real world of knitting!!!

Jonathan across DC from you in Md.

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Well I just found out I was doing the 2 circular needle thing wrong. (That's what I get for developing my own method!). Took a quick look at, and I may give it another whirl just for the experience. But I'm not abandoning my DPNs now that I know a new trick.

Thanks to tallguy, for pointing me to the solution.

Jonathan -- where in MD are you? I live in Falls Church, VA, but I'm at the moment in my office in Rockville. So I span the river. ;)

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You do span the river! Brave soul. My partner works in Arlington. He just messaged me that he's stuck in the 395 tunnel. We're in Hyattsville, just outside DC (by about 25 feet), and i work in Dupont Circle, where I'm headed to in about 5 minutes (after I pour my tea into a to go cup!).


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I, too, like dpn's and am glad you got the hang of it. You will find that they are much faster than 2 circ's.

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I took me a while to get used to DPN's...but now I'm very comfortable with them...I generally use they don't slip out of my socks. the Chia Goo bamboo needles...

I'm Not really a big fan of circs, i'm sure they have their place. I learned to knit on DPN's... once you spend a bit of time with them it becomes second nature and you won't think twice about using them... Happy knitting!!!

Does a bear knit in the woods???

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

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DPN's are the only way to go when creating gloves. I he would only wear would be so much easier. Best of luck to you on your project.