Finally Finished

Hey fellas....a couple of you wanted to see what I was working on so here it is....I just finished it up last night and I am pretty proud of it...being one of the first projects that I have done. It is a scarf for my mother and I think she is really going to like it! It took me about 4 weeks to finish it off (I don't know how you guys finish your projects so seems to take me forever) Oh well....

Well I hope you like...

By the way....I made my boyfriend model it for a picture last night...hence the sleepy eyes and hair...hahaha

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Great Scarf!  I love the colors - greens and earth tones ROCK!  And the bf seems to be pretty happy to help you out!  Great job!

And it doen't matter how long it takes - I'm really into the process more than rushing to finish whatever it is I'm working on.  The mittens I recently finished took several weeks, because I do not knit every single evening - I knit when I feel like knitting, mostly to calm me down after a crappy day at work.  You can see pics of my knitting at:

Again, congrats of the great scarf!  Paul 


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GREAT looking!!!!!!!! And the scarf ain't bad either!  Your mother IS really going to love it.  If not................get a new mother.

And Scoob, we don't finish projects fast we merely have been working on several different ones for years.


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It looks great - well done.  If your mom don't like it, send it this way!!

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 Excellent Job.  What mother wouldn't love a hand knit scarf from her son anyway?  But one that nice, she'll be happy to be so stylish. 

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

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WOW  . a GREAT looking scarf.  I love the colors especially.  Your Mom will be very happy, warm, and proud of you.  She will have special thoughts of you every times she wears it.  Have your BF model all of your work and your posts will be the most popular ones here!  And, don't worry about speed.  I gave up that idea months ago.  Knit to relax and enjoy it.  I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.



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Great Job!

As you make more projects you'll notice your knitting speed will increase- I think we all feel like it takes forever to finish some projects!

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Great looking scarf.  Your mother will love it, and not just because her son knitted it.  Those are terrific colors.  To pipe in with the crowd, don't worry about speed of knitting.  The project gets done when it gets done.  Soon you will have several going at once.  Welcome to this wonderful world.  Knipper

Great scarf. I dig it. What yarn did you use?

Well done I'm sure your mum will wear it with pride. 

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