Hemmed neck help needed

I am trying to decipher this from Knitting in the Old Way: "Pick up stitches around the shaped neck...double the desired depth, fold the band in half to the inside, and work the neck stitches off one by one with the stitches at the base of the neckline."

It's the last bit about working the stitches off that I can't fathom- anyone?


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What I do is bind off the stitches loosely. Then, fold the neck band towards the inside and whip stitch the bound off stitches to the base of the neck band ribbing. Once you fold it over, you'll see a vertical row of knit stitches on the right side will line up with a vertical row of purl stitches on the inside. Make sense? Doing the double width (height) ribbing and then folding it over makes a much nicer finished sweater. I always hate to see knitters who spend so much time knitting a sweater and then finish it with a single thick neckband. Back in the days when I knit sweaters, I finished all my crew neck sweaters this way, whether or not the pattern specified to do so.

I was taught to do a double neckband and finish it off the way you do, but sometimes ( depending on the yarn) I don't bind off, but slip stitch down live stitches from the needle.

I have come across this before... you can pick up the stitches on the inside of the neckline that correspond to the knitted stitches you just completed. ei; the stitches stright down vertically from the last finished row. Pick them up on a new needle and complete a "third needle bind off" ... however, I have to agree with Tom: double the height of the band and fold to the inside and stitch in place by hand. the third needle bind off on a neckline I find pretty bulky and unnecessarily complicated... happy knitting!!!

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Agreed Tom, A single layer of knitting on a neckline looks completely unfinished, don't get me wrong it does work quite well on some sweaters, but for anything with a crew newckline I would totally double the band and stitch to the inside!!! have a great night!!!

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

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Like Tom, I usually bind off the stitches loosely and tack them down to the ridge where you picked up stitches. My mother, though, didn't bind off and just tacked down the live stitches since it makes a much more flexible neck band. She would slip about l0 off the needle at a time and when those were dealt with she would repeat. I wonder if that is what your directions mean.

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I think it means...when you're ready to bind off...you take a live stitch on the needle and one from the inner base of the band and bind off....one outer and one inner at the same time...sort of a three needle bind=off...but ome is the knitted base of the band.

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exactly, bill

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Yep, that's exactly what I think too. Used almost this technique on a garment recently when I re-did the ribbing on a neck-band that I didn't like the first time round.

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Thanks, Folks, I can always count on you!

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sounds like a hangman's noose, are you sure you are reading the right pattern? *grin*

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Another thing you can do is when you get to the halfway point on the collar you can put in a couple rows of reverse stockinette and then go back to your pattern and it will make a very crisp edge to the collar.