Howdy Y'all - Learn to Knit Class starts tomorrow

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I have written anything, mostly because I am not the kind of person to just write when I have nothing to say. :) Hope you are all well.

I am teaching a Learn to Knit tomorrow at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. If you know anyone who is wanting to learn the craft and is looking to take a class send them my way. I have just a few more spots open. You can check out the class list at or you can find me on or under lessons.

In other news... I have finished my Noro Venetian Rainbow scarf and I have been wearing it about town. I can't go one day without a compliment on it. I am not a guy of great pride, but that sure does make me feel good when people notice it. Attached is one that I did out of Poems. I like it and it is much softer than Noro, but you know how Noro colors are. This scarf recipe is perfect for Noro, and being a person who can't wear a lot of scratchy animal fiber, the Noro doesn't even bother my neck.

Also started working on a hat that has a mitered decrease on the top. I found the recipe on Ravelry (Turn a Square). I am using Luna as a test. It seems when I wear wool hats they start to sting my head. I am hoping and thinking that cotton won't do that. We will see.

Next project is going to be Felted Clogs. A bunch of friends are all getting together for a brunch a week from Sunday and the ladies are going to teach the boys how to make felted clogs. I am very excited about this. It started out as a couple of friends teaching others and has turned into a full blown hoe-down. YEE HAW! I freaking love knitting... you just meet the nicest people (most of the time).

Happy weekend and I hope you all have a weekend that is as good as mine is going to be.

Much love,