Jaeger hendrix

This is the finished arm of my latest project, 'Hendrix' by Jaeger.  It's in a fine 4-ply merino wool - very soft.  I have had to alter the pattern as the original cables were 'bound' with an extra stitch made by a yarn over and slipped over the whole cable every couple of rows.  Easy enough and ok on knit rows but unbelievably confusing on the purl. Their absence is barely noticable visually but a hell of a lot easier to knit.

Being fine, this is not a project I'll finish quickly and the detail makes it rather slow anyway. Still, plenty of time before winter!

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Hi Simon,

Great work and what a nice colour. Please post a pic of the finished article.

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Beautiful cable work!  I'm doing a jumper in the same sage colour.  However, the pattern is much simpler! 

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Such neat work. Well done my friend. 

Knit away, knit away

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Excellent work, as always.

You are right --- you DON'T have to follow a pattern exactly as written.  I always make some adjustments TO SUIT ME, since it has to please me afterall.  If you add or remove a stitch here or there, or replace a pattern with something else... who is to know?  And does it matter?  You do what pleases YOU since YOU are the one that will be wearing it --- or looking at it on someone else!!

If you make one mistake, it shows... but repeat it several times, and it becomes a design feature!