Latest Finished Object - Wool Llama Cardigan

It seems to be ages since I last posted, but I've just finished a cardigan in a fantastic yarn. Adriafil Llama Classic yarn is 50% wool and 50% Llama, in this case a lovely shade of black, peppered with long stands that give a sparse halo of light-grey fibres. Finished fabric has great drape.

This is a very plain knit - rows of stockinette - but as a quick knit it was partly an exercise in finishing techniques:

  • Stockinette folded hem to the lower edge;
  • Tubular cast-on and k1p1 rib to cuffs;
  • Button-band picked-up from edge and finished with Kitchener bind-off;
  • Live stitches under-arms grafted, not sewn;
  • Single-row button holes;

I’ve now used this Ann Budd pattern 4 times (3 sweaters and this cardigan) and it’s just great for circular knitting with minimal sewing. Raglan decreases knitted as SSK, k4, K2tog on alternate rows.


ronhuber's picture

That is a beautiful sweater and looks so good on you. Great knitting.

Nice cardi - and a really good fit. Well done.

JDM511's picture

It is a nice classic look and it fits you perfectly. Great work.


albert's picture

I love the classic styling- beautifully done.