Wool moths

The other night at work I was contemplating wool moths (yeah, I know). I was thinking how expensive those little cedar blocks and balls are, when it occured to me that at the supermarket I can buy a big bag of cedar sawdust cat litter (Cedarific brand), and also at my local garden center I can buy cedar wood mulch. Just thought I'd toss this out there to anyone who might want to give it a try, and who, like me, don't like the smell of camphor or Irish Spring.


I got ahold of some dried vetiver and the moths haven't found my sweaters yet. Plus the smell is great (I typically use the cologne myself). Try it because both cedar and camphor odors are not pleasant to my sensitive nose.

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Where did you find dried vertiver? (I use the cologne myself...Guerlaine, of course...LOL). I've never seen it. Do you sew it into a little sachet?

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Okay, tell me about this cologne, I'm totally ignorant.

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