Monday and the Tomten

Happy DR MLK JR DAY! (I don't know about the rest of the country, but today in Portland seems to be the day to take the day off to do community service. I think Dr. King would be pleased. But more importantly... Hooray for tomorrow!!!! (I know, no politics... but hooray hooray hooray. We can be friends with France again (They love Michelle, who, like Jackie, is fluent)! The couture, the yarn, the PASTRIES!!!

That being said, some friends of mine have a son who is approaching his first birthday, and I was thinking of doing the suprise jacket, Tomten thing that EZ designed...and I was also kind of thinking I might like the adult version that Brooklyn Tweed (Jared...I forgot his last name) adapted. Has anyone made either...what did they think? How old was the child you did the Einstein/surprise/tomten for? What yarn did you use, etc? Thanks for your time and consideration.


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I have made several of the child's tomten and it is fun to do. It is an elegant modular jacket knitted in garter stitch. I have seen three of them pass from one child to a younger sibling and they hold up well. In Knitting Around and in The Knitting Workshop, EZ gives different sizes using the same numbers but different weights of wool. The adult version which is the same, by the way, only larger, tends to sag because any garter stitch with that weight does. Even the one EZ made for herself had to have the pockets changed because of the sagging. Two of my sisters made the cobblestone sweater designed by Brooklyn Tweed and it also loses its shape because the weight of the body pulls the garter yoke all out of shape and they grew an average of 6 inches. The Baby Surprise Sweater is a different sweater all together and it also has an adult version. Depending on the weight of wool and needle size you can knit the same pattern for a newborn up to a size three. It is a fun and interesting knit. However, I think I prefer the looks of the tomten hooded version.

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i did service by joining local chapter of linus project. they make blankets, caps for premies, sick kids, burn victims.

we put birds on things

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I LOVE the Tomten!

For a while, it was one of the only things that I was knitting when I was doing kids jackets for charities.

They're so wonderful to make and rather easy to knit up.

I've made myself an adult size that I use with my Winter coat.

They're awesome!


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Do you have photos of the one you wear? Haven't really seen many adult sized ones.

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Great minds must think alike! I started the adult tomten for myself on Saturday, with a nice thick Peruvian wool...can't remember the exact brand or name right this minute...on size 11 needles. I get about 8 stitches for 3 inches, and so adjusted the pattern in The Opinionated Knitter to my size, keeping the total number of stitches divisible by 8. I'm also adding an extra stitch every 5 ridges (EZ's term) so that by the time I get to the chest, the sweater will be about 3 inches larger in circumference. I am having a blast knitting it, and plan to incorporate some of Jared Flood's changes, but I'm not sure which ones yet. It is already delightfully squishy, but very masculine looking in the tweedy (barely) brown wool I've chosen. I figure, if it stretches too much, I'll just felt it a tad to shrink it back down!

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Interesting to Knit ?............
I would really like to have a pattern on hand to make jackets for kids but my one experience in making a jacket for a three year old was that of pure, mind numbing boredom. I finished it and it was really beautiful but . . . . Please tell me that the tomten is entertaining enough to make you want to pick it up and finish it. I have been wanting to learn to knit continental so maye this would be the practice piece. Is ther another classic pattern for kids' jackets that any of you might suggest?
And if the Tomten is the way to go, is th epattern published/sold separately, or is it necessary to buy the book?

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(I may have accidentally flagged this...FYI...If you get a complaint: please refer webmaster to this apology)...

Well. It's Elizabeth Zimmerman (One or two nn's? I can never remember). Every knitter should have ONE of her books in HIS (lol) library. I expect I could probably whip out a toddler sized Tomten in less than a day. I should do a blog about that: a BEAT THE CLOCK knitting event... Maybe we could do a "knit a Tomten" day~for friends or charity. Yes, it's an interesting garment...different and modular construction. Should be fun. Give me incentive to do the adult Tomten.

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Welllllll, It's been a long time since I 've been flagged for anything!!! and a reference to EZ at that. And to think that Darryl was all concerned about the calendar pics!

You have convinced me Bob. I see reference to the Tomten pattern in a couple of her books. Time to see what is in stock at a local bookstore. I wil pass on knitting the adult size for a while. So bloody cold here these days that I'd have to line it with buffalo hide to keep from freezing. With wind chill minus 21 today. Gettign tired of this crap. Any anyone who is dreaming of snow..... ya'll come. Got it up to our butts!