The [Almost] "Uber Sweater"

Soon after I joined Men Who Knit I posted about my urge to knit the "Uber sweater", the ultimate man’s sweater that would be big, heavy, chunky, hard-wearing and in a very masculine colour.

Well, this is the sweater that came out of it. I really like it, but it isn't quite the Uber Sweater. It's knit in Twilley’s Freedom Wool, which is a singles yarn and pills very quickly. The final Uber Sweater will be made from a chunky plied yarn (yes, I really do want it to be that heavy!) That said, this one is incredibly warm and has a winter feel-good factor, so it’s getting plenty of wear in cold-cold Great Britain.

So, I'll carry on looking for the right yarn. Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed probably comes close, or I might get some chunky British Blue Faced Leicester yarn hand dyed for the purpose.

Suggestions for a plied chunky yarn would be good, along with any comments on what would make the ultimate man's sweater for you.


Might I suggest you look at They are having a closeout sale on Cascade 109 chunky tweed. Even though the exchange rate is not very good at the moment and even allowing for air mail postage, 10 hanks of this is a lot cheaper than Debbie Bliss. I have already knitted two sweaters in this and have sent for a more to put in the stash for next winter. I like the handle of it and it washes and wears well. I think Blue Faced Leicester would be too soft for a chunky sweater.

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Many thanks for that. The Cascade Chunky Tweed is an exceptional price at Webs, as you say. I've had a delivery from Webs go missing once, so I'm a bit apprehensive. However, the fact that it's one of the few places I can get a digital row counter was what tipped it for me. The row-counter was in the missing order too. I've ordered some nice dark grey tweed, with a lighter grey which I'll use inside the cuffs and neckband.

Do you know, I could have sworn upon first glance that that said, "big, heavy, chunky, hard-wearing and in a very masculine odour."

Hey, I'm up for it.

Anyway, I'll follow your hunt with much curiousity, because I have yet to find a pattern or even an example of a sweater that my partner will wear. Once you narrow it down...I'll try on him.

Mind you, he hates heavy sweaters, so I'll have to try the Uber Sweater Light version on him.