I Believe Alcohol Was Involved

I just want to give a big thanks to Knitterguy Kev for getting together with me last night and 'trying' to teach me how to knit two socks at one time on one circ.  Thanks for both his knowledge and his patience.

The process is still a bit confusing for me but I am sure the dust will settle on that shortly.

So far I've managed to create the prettiest green rats nest from all the yarn, tails and cable, and that from just pulling the work out of my knitting bag this morning!  How's that for a no hassle project.

Oh Well back to it..........


Sounds like a good time was had. Alcohol and knitting? Should have taken pictures! :)

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Alcohol was involved??? Nah, couldn't have!  LOL    Wanted. . pics of the rat's nest so we can see your improvement with the finished socks!  Then you can teach me .. sounds really interesting.