Blanket Finished

Over the holidays I finished this blanket. It's a nice double knit blanket done in some really nice yarn I found in a specialty shop. I think it turned out nice.

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What a great looking blanket. I love how the blues and greens mixed based on your stitch pattern and the resulting fabric looks very cozy and warm. Don't you love when something comes out this well?

Thank you. I used two strands and offset the striping to try and get a mottled look. The patter was called gate post, and resulted in something nice and chunky. You can see the pattern better in the attached pictures.

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Looks really cool. I love the pattern and the colors. Hope it keeps you warm!

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Nice blanket, and I like that pattern.

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That is a beautiful blanket. What a ton of work. I would love for you to try to photograph the up close shot of the texture again. Try doing it near a window with no flash and the light just skimming the knitting. I would love to see that texture up close.