New Scarf and New Hat

Here is a scarf I just finished. Also, a hat in the same colors that I am working on. My first project in the round. I am just getting ready to take it off of the circular and put it on doubled pointed needles. My first time doing that as well. It is exciting to learn all of these new techniques. Now I just need to start purling!


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Looking good.

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Very nice indeed and being "Lambs Pride Bulky" will be super warm

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I am really loving 'Lambs Pride'. It is very chunky and 'crushy', if you know what I mean. Feels great when you grab a bit handful and squeeze it.

For me, I also like the way it works up. Being a beginner I don't seem to split it, creating extra loops, and I can really crank out the yardage with it. :-) This yarn makes me feel like I know what I am doing, it create confidence. Given that, it keeps me excited and knitting a lot.


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Nice job
I remember seeing that yarn in the bag review you did. I am thinking about getting one of those bags now.

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I still like the bag, but I have noticed that the latch is sometime hard to 'click shut' and that sometime it seems shut but comes open when I pick up the bag. Not a big deal since the way the bag is made it doesn't really come open even if the latch isn't done up properly. I have never come close to dropping anything out of the bag. But, I wish it was cheaper. Now that I am learning to knit in the round I really need money for circular needles.

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Nice colours; bright and cheerful without being too much.

The scarf is knit sideways?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I feel drawn to bright primary colors. Maybe because it is winter here in Seattle and we have lots of Grey skies. Kind of strange because I do really like wearing clothes made in earth tones, earth greens, oranges, blues, etc. But for now, I am bright! Plus, anything that helps me find and fix mistakes is a good thing!.

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And yes, I cast on 180 stitches onto a 40" circular. then knit back and forth changing colors every 4 rows. It was a lot faster for me then knitting on straight needles because I didn't have to stop and turn the work so often.