Peruvian wool chain link pullover

This is my most ambitious project yet. I am happy with the results...made it to wear to Colorado for a visit this winter. My plans have changed...I will be staying in Florida but have the chance to wear it at last. Our high today not to hit 60, our low tonight close to freezing!


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Gorgeous color and texture- beautiful knitting!

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Beautiful sweater, it fits you very well.



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That is so nice. I bet that kept you occupied. Great knitting

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Agreeing completely with the other guys...great color, great fit. I also love the treatment you used for the sleeve cuffs. I'm glad it also came in useful instead of just being a beautiful accomplishment sitting in your armoire.

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To quote the annoying Michael Kors in "Project Runway"...That fits you LIKE A DREAM. Is this your own design? I think the chainlink cable over the torso is very flattering, and I love the hemline. I'd love to see detail on the looks like you have something interesting going on there.

I had a sweater very similar to this... a textured body with a ribbed sleeve, and I tore out the sleeves and redid them in a horizontal oriented pattern instead of a vertical...I thought the ribs made my arms look long and skinny...BUT I don't find that in your it a "mistake rib" pattern? It looks textured.

I like it. Very nice job. Bravo!

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PS: 2 More questions...

Knit in the round or panels?
It looks fitted...are there increases going up the side to shape the torso. (or did you use some fashion photography fitting tricks...the fit is perfect and I'm envious!)

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Thanks for your comments. This was knitted in pannels and does increase as you get to the largest part of the chest, (my guy modeled it for me...has good posture). I'll post more info. about where to find the pattern tomorrow when I have more time. Thanks
P.S. I love Michael Kors


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Wow! I love it great sweater in such a great color