MWK Children's Charity knitting day?

I was blogging on knitting a Toddler sized Tomten jacket...and presuming that it would take less than a day for me to knit. Then I thought... Why not have a MWK charity knit day... we could all blog from wherever as we knit a garment for a child (small, so they could be done in one day: Hats, mittens, socks, blanket, Tomten.... etc).

It might be fun. Anyone interested?


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How 'bout "week" instead of day?

I doubt I could do any single project in only a day, unless it was a newborn's hat. I'd love to try the totem jacket, since my godson is expecting a brother in the spring.

I'd also ask that we wait a bit so the scarf exchange is wrapped up completely, though of us who are still finishing up can join!


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Sure... although we could do a "finishing" day... we all blog as we try to finish the monkey on our back...Have locations in various cities where we all meet and have a knit potluck...

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Great idea! I'm in!

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sounds awesome. I am definitely in. Any yarn thoughts, Vsidart? I'm thinking a chunky, washable throw...

Sound like a great idea!!!

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

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Sure count me in as the Canadian contingent!!!!!!!!!!

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Count me in. So, are we choosing a specific charity? It would be awesome to present our knitting as a gift from "Men Who Knit."

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That's an interesting idea. I'm more of a "journey" vs "destination" guy.... so I was really keen on the idea of an online knit-in. I had figured on local charities...but having a unified charity isn't a bad idea. Do you have any personal suggestions?