Finished hat and i-cord.

So, I finished my first hat. It turned out way too big. If I pull it down it goes to my chin. :-) So, since I followed the pattern for a 22" head, my gauge must be off I guess. They say to do a test swatch to check your gauge, but who follows directions! I guess I will now.

Still, I am happy with the way the decreases turned out on top. I am gong to start another hat and try some ribbing around the brim so I don't get that turned up brim like you see in the picture.

I also made my first pieces of i-cord, how much fun is that! I love the stuff. I just need to find something to do with it. I had some left over orange Lamb's Pride so I practice making i-cord, it works up so fast. Feels good to be able to crank out yardage like that. You can see in the attached pictures that I tried casting on 2, 3 and 5 stitches.

Not sure what I am making next, I think another hat with some ribbing. Time to learn to purl, I hope it doesn't slow me down too much.

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Beautiful job, your knitting is very even. I know what you mean by being too big, I also made a hat that is that big. I have to go down 2 needle sizes to obtain gauge.

Try this pattern for practice with purling and ribbing. I have made several of these and really like the way they turn out. I use a size 5 needle for this pattern.



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Oh, never mind. My eyes could not see the difference in color for that hyperlinked word. :)

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(ignore, I found the link)What pattern? I don't see anything attached or linked? You have got me curious.

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What if you fold the brim up on the inside for about an inch and sew it down? that should take care of the roll, probably make it fit well enough, and shorten it as well.

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I think the hat is meant to be that long so you can get a good roll up, the circumference seems fine but if your are unhappy do as Mario suggested and turn the excess into the inside and stitch it down loosely so it will stretch when putting it on your head. I think it is fine as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!