I Got My Scarf!!

I got my Scarf Exchange scarf today, and I LOVE IT! It is SO my colors, and it's got cables and it's very nice. I remember when he posted a progress pic and I was really hoping it was going to be mine, but of course, at the time I had no idea. But YAY!! Thank You, Alex!!!

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Wow! A thing of true beauty! What's the yarn? What's the pattern? Really like both! I want one!

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Yeah--so glad you got it. I knew I was on the right track when you drooled over the progress pic. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lanaloft Handpainted in "Precious Stones." I made up the pattern, but it was inspired by "Braided Mischief" in the book Scarf Style.

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My wife needs to know if you liked the buttons, she picked them out. We love the crafty mf one!

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Yes I do! I like the State of Minnesota one because that's where the scarf came from and besides, it's got a smiley face! Who doesn't like a smiley face now and then. And the Crafty MF one is very cool. Sometimes you really need a bit of attitude just in case you run into some ignorant twit. :)