Needle Projects

With tourist season now upon us on our SUNNY island (sorry, Chunk!), I haven't had the time to get the knitting and needles done as I would like.  But, they are coming along slowly.

 The blue/orange scarf is knitting up much better than I expected.  I have to finish by next weekend so I can take it to the fiber guild meeting.  This will be the last meeting for couple of months.  Like alot of groups, we suspend the meetings during the summer tourist season.

I did get a few needles finished this week.  Attached  is a pic of one of the sets.  They are handcrafted from Brazilian cherry, and finished at the top with fused dichroic glass crafted by a local Outer Banks glass artist.  I have a few more pair that I am working on with dichroics from the same artist.  Of all the glass artists I have seen, she is one of the favorites, and her work is perfect to finish off my needles.

As I finish the others, pics will be posted.  I have also started a sales site at under the name of The Lazy Duck   ( and hope to have my first posts there in a day or so.  The site will feature Outer Banks Needles.

More soon .  .  .


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They look great Doug, can't wait to see the scarf when finished.

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These are just beautiful, Doug!  Excellent job!